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Unmatched Quality and Protection

Sands Roofing & Construction in the Lexington, SC area is a premier installer of Atlas Roofing shingles, offering industry-leading protection against the damaging effects of high winds, black streaks caused by algae, manufacturing flaws, and system failures. Atlas shingles promise more than just the standard; they offer substantial value and assurance with an extended Premium Protection Period, setting the standard for top-tier roofing warranties.

Smart, Captivating, and Long-Lasting Choices Abound

The exquisite Atlas Pinnacle Pristine architectural shingles bring your Lexington residence a vibrant palette of color options to beautifully match your home’s exterior. Infused with the strength of Scotchgard™ Protector and a lifetime warranty that includes protection against wind damage up to 130 mph, the Pinnacle Pristine roof ensures a charming, high-performance roof for many years.

Sun-Proofed Pinnacle Shingles

With the Atlas Lifetime Limited Warranty, your investment is well-protected by the finest warranty coverage in the industry. Rest assured that your home’s curb appeal and value will increase with the installation of roofing shingles by Lexington’s experts at Sands Roofing.

Impact-Resistant Pinnacle Shingles

Pinnacle Impact architectural shingles bring excellent resistance against hail damage, pollution-reducing technology, and the formidable anti-algae power of Scotchgard™ Protector. By choosing Pinnacle Impact, you opt for an outstanding performance roofing system that promises an enduring aesthetic appeal.

Crafted to Withstand Severe Weather

StormMaster Shake architectural shingles, equipped with Scotchgard™ Protector, come in an array of striking colors to enhance any home exterior. Moreover, your StormMaster Shake roof carries a warranty that covers damage from winds reaching up to 150 mph. Why settle for a choice between lasting color and top-tier protection when you can experience both?

Dive into the World of Design with the Atlas Shingle

Sands Roofing invites you to explore design options with the Atlas Shingle Selector. Visualize the perfect exterior look for your home by choosing from various shingles, trim, shutter colors, and accents.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Atlas Roofing Inspiration Center

Bring your design ideas to life with the Atlas Roofing Inspiration Center! Utilize the Roof & Home Design Studio to upload photos of your home and experiment with different appearances. Discover a combination that speaks to you? Remember to save it to a mood board!

Sands Roofing & Construction in Lexington stands out as the leading installer of Atlas roofing shingles. We bring you not just the promise of an aesthetically pleasing roof but one that withstands the test of time, maintaining its vibrant colors and robust protection, year after year. Sands Roofing—we’re your number-one choice in South Carolina for new roofing, roof repair, and new shingle installation. Reach out to us today.

Why Atlas?

Scotchguard Protector

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Up to 150 mph Wind Resistance

Core4 Technology

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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