Emergency Roof and Storm Damage Repair in Lexington, SC

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Fully bonded, licensed, and insured roofing contractor.

Storm Damage

The wind will down some trees, the hail will bust up some shingles, and rain will freeze in your gutters and along your eaves.

The roof of your home sits out in the open and takes the brunt of everything nature throws at it, and sometimes it’s just too much. When the worst happens and you need storm damage repair services for your Lexington, SC, roof, you won’t find anyone more responsive, reliable, and reputable than Sands Roofing and Construction. 

We know the value you place on your home, and we understand the stress when a major piece of your investment needs repair. We won’t rush a job just to get it over and done, but we will work quickly to get your life back on track as soon as we can.

Superior Tradesmanship and Honest Pricing

Any roof repair services on your Lexington, SC home like construction or renovation is nerve-racking, and even more so when you need storm damage repair. In an emergency, contact us, and we’ll be out to tarp your roof and perform a free inspection on the work you’ll need. We are committed to getting your job underway within two weeks. And the work we do is guaranteed.

Don’t trust just any outfit in Lexington, SC, with emergency roof repair services on your home. With over 20 years in the business, and with our extensive experience and expertise in homeowners insurance, you don’t want anyone other than Sands Roofing and Construction on top of your house. When it comes to dependable emergency roof repair and storm damage roof repair services in Lexington, SC, we are the team you can count on.

Why You Should Choose Sands Roofing & Construction

Being a family-owned business, our reputation and name are at stake every time we buckle on the belts and climb onto a roof. We have to do quality work, or we’re out of business. We’re a trusted emergency roof repair and storm damage repair contractor in Lexington and throughout all of South Carolina, and we intend to keep it that way.

Superior Materials

We don't settle for second-rate products.


We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

Locally Owned

Our name is on the line with every job.

Service Oriented

We don’t sign off until you’re completely satisfied.

High Standards

Year after year, we get A+ BBB ratings.

Insurance Claims

We help simplify the insurance process.

No Hidden Costs

We offer honest and fair, upfront pricing.

Guaranteed Quality

Our workmanship is second to none.

Contact us now for your free inspection!

Financing Your New Roof

We know that a big project like a roof can be a strain on a family's budget, and sometimes financing is a great option in that case.

To simplify the process of paying for your new roof, we provide financing on approval. We have five, seven, and twelve-year plans to meet your budget. Click below to apply or call us at 803-520-6154.

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