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Get Your RV Ready for Travel

Make sure your roof will be ready for any kind of weather you'll face on your journey with our camper roof repair in the Lexington, SC area!

Who wants to travel with a leaky roof? That spoils the fun!

You shouldn’t have to worry about rain when you’re on an adventure.

We understand what a bummer a leaky RV roof can be, and our camper roof repair team in the Lexington, SC area is here to help you get your vehicle ready for all the weather you might face while on the road to your favorite places.

Sands Roofing knows roofs really well — even RV roofs! We’re the local RV roof replacement experts in Lexington, SC who will make sure that the roof on your RV, camper or travel trailer is one thing you won’t need to worry about on your next big adventure.

An RV roof that's better than new

Your leaky or damaged roof repaired, simply and beautifully

Most campers, travel trailers and RVs have TPO roofing. TPO roofing is a single-layer product used on commercial buildings.

Your camper or RV roof most likely came from the factory with a thickness of .45 and in many cases thinner. This was to save money during manufacturing.

Unfortunately, over time, these thinner products have a tendency to tear at the stress points – normally around penetrations and corners, and especially around gutter-mounted awnings.

At Sands Roofing, our expert RV roof replacement team in Lexington, SC will replace this thin product with a much more robust product.

We use a high-quality 10-year roof sealant on the parameter to ensure you get many years of carefree camping with no fear of leaks.

Our location in Lexington, SC specializes in RV roof sealing, roof replacements, and camper roof repair, so the harsh weather can’t stop your adventure.

This year, travel with peace of mind. Contact us today for RV roof sealing in the Lexington, SC area!

An RV roof that's better than new

And be sure to send us photos...

Financing Your New Roof

We know that a big project like a roof can be a strain on a family's budget, and sometimes financing is a great option in that case.

To simplify the process of paying for your RV roof replacement in Lexington, SC, we provide financing on approval. We have five, seven, and twelve-year plans to meet your budget. Click below to apply or call us at 803-520-6154.

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