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Aiken Roof Repair & Remodeling Contractors

At Sands Roofing & Construction, our dedicated team of roofers for Aiken, SC specializes in residential and commercial roofing services.

Our roofs are installed with a unique Zip Tight Roof Installation exclusively offered by Sands Roofing & Construction, an upgrade to the durability and performance of your roof. Our exclusive installation, a high-caliber technique created by our founder, Eric Sanders, is unmatched and backed by a 15-year craftsmanship guarantee, ensuring maintenance-free reliability.

With over two decades of residential roofing expertise in Aiken, SC, Eric Sanders is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and impeccable service.

Services We Provide in Aiken

Residential Roofing
Upgrade your Aiken home with our roof repair, replacement, or new installation services.

Commercial Roofing
Ensure your Aiken commercial roof stays in top condition with a complimentary inspection from the leading roofing contractor for Aiken.

New Construction
For new home construction, trust our skilled team for top-notch roofing installation. Contact us for a no-cost, accurate estimate.

RV Roofing
Avoid the inconvenience of a leaky RV roof. We'll restore it to pristine condition for safe traveling!

Home Damage Reconstruction
If your property has been damaged by fire, water, or a natural disaster, you want Sands Roofing & Construction as your renovation partner.

Remodeling & Wood Floors
From indoor remodeling to outdoor decks and kitchens, we offer comprehensive remodeling services. Contact us for a complimentary quote.

Custom-Built Seamless Gutters
You won’t get better performance than our hassle-free rainwater management system, with custom-designed, low-maintenance gutters.

F-WAVE™ Synthetic Roofing Shingles
With a large scope of options to match the style of your home, our shingles are premier products with comprehensive warranties.

Aiken Emergency Roof Repair and Storm Damage
For urgent roofing needs, we provide fast response, complimentary inspections, and emergency tarping when necessary.

How to Get a Roof Repair in Aiken, SC

Contact Us
Get your roofing project underway with us by calling our office or by using the form on our website. We offer a complimentary inspection and estimate, with our repair recommendations.

The Inspection
Following our free inspection, we will provide a comprehensive report of our findings, including photographs, and we will thoroughly address any concerns you may have, helping you make knowledgeable choices for your roof repair or installation.

Sit back and let us manage all the insurance paperwork and coordinate with your adjuster. We ensure your roofing project is conducted with ease and efficiency.

The High Cost of Ignoring Your Roof

Regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining its integrity.

Harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, hail, and snow can inflict unseen damage.

Accumulated debris like leaves and sticks can retain moisture, leading to shingle and wood decay.

Various animals may also contribute to roof damage in numerous ways.

Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause water pooling and roof damage.

Damaged roof flashing around chimneys and vents can lead to leaks.

Continuous sun exposure also impacts roof health over time.

Schedule routine inspections to maintain your roof's condition.

Annual inspections are advised to prevent minor issues from escalating. Consult our experienced Aiken roofers team for more insights.

Our Agreement


Meet Kahl and Eric Sanders, co-owners of Sands Roofing & Construction. They lead a team dedicated to providing the finest roofers in the Aiken area.

We ensure you receive full benefits from your insurance.

We treat your property with utmost care and respect.

We guarantee superior craftsmanship and materials in your roofing project, and we fully stand behind our work!

Financing Your New Roof

We understand how a new roof can strain your budget. Because of this, we offer financing options.

To ease your roof financing, we offer plans spanning five, seven, and twelve years. Contact Sands Roofing & Construction for a free inspection and learn how to get roof repair in Aiken that you can afford.

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