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Composite Shingle Installation in Columbia
If you’re looking for a strong and lasting replacement for traditional asphalt shingles for your residence in Columbia, our composite roofing shingles are an option second to none. Unlike standard shingles that lose their granules over time, our options don’t. At Sands Roofing, we offer F-WAVE™ REVIA® shingles backed by a 50-year guarantee. Designed to withstand severe weather conditions, they also include a 5-year hail damage warranty covering both materials and labor. These resilient, lightweight shingles are fire, wind, crack, and fade-resistant, requiring minimal maintenance. They upgrade the visual appeal of your home, with the potential to increase its value. Reach out for a free inspection and an accurate estimate.

TAMKO Shingles: Superior Innovation & Technology
Since 1945, TAMKO has been a reliable source of top-tier building materials. Their latest Heritage Proline™ shingles incorporate cutting-edge roofing technology for enhanced toughness and endurance, available in various appealing colors. Sands Roofing is proud to offer TAMKO composite shingle installation, ensuring strong, stylish, and premium roofing shingles on your Columbia home.

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Titan XT® and Stormfighter IR® Shingles
Titan XT® shingles are crafted for both homeowners and professionals. They feature exclusive “Extreme Technology” and Advanced Fusion™ Sealant for unmatched performance. These shingles stay securely attached to the roof, even in harsh weather, thanks to their Rapid Fire Zone® for easy installation.

Stormfighter IR® shingles boast a UL Class 4 impact rating, the highest available. Reinforced with a unique AnchorLock™ Layer, they ensure secure and enduring nail embedment. They also provide the industry’s first high-wind warranty, safeguarding your roof against winds up to 160 mph.

Zip Tight Roof Installation by Sands Roofing
At Sands Roofing and Construction, we collaborate with leading roofing manufacturers and go a step further with our exclusive Zip Tight Roof Installation method. This approach greatly improves the longevity of your chosen roofing shingles on your Columbia home and comes with a 15-year craftsmanship warranty from us.

Trust your roof repairs to experts with over 20 years of experience and recognized prowess in homeowners insurance. Sands Roofing and Construction is your premier choice in Columbia for composite shingle installation, roof repair, and restoration services. Get in touch to discover the Sands advantage.

Financing Your New Roof
Understanding that roofing projects can impact your family's finances, we offer financing as a viable option. We've made paying for your new roof easier with our financing options on approval, including five, seven, and twelve-year plans tailored to your budget. Contact Sands Roofing & Construction to discuss new roofing shingles for your Columbia home and our composite shingle installation services.

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